An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery: A Few Words About Yogurt

February 8, 2015


It is a question that has plagued humanity since humanity was in a position to be plagued, and a question that keeps my chin full of little scratch marks on a frequent basis: just why are there so many Bulgarians living to the age of 100? Well, it turns out that this question no longer […]

My Two Hundred Dinars: South Africa’s Barren Spin Cupboard

January 2, 2015


The game of cricket may continue to evolve, but some things rarely change. For instance, the make up of a well balanced side has barely changed over the last 20 years. Opening batsmen, three middle order players and an all rounder (or four middle order batsmen a couple of whom are competent bowlers), wicket keeper, […]

2014: Album of the Year

December 31, 2014


Möngöl Hörde // Möngöl Hörde Each and every year, this whole deciding on a favourite album from the year seems to be nothing more than a foregone conclusion from May onwards. In 2011, Des Ark waltzed off with the title before I’d even finished listening through the album the first time. Every Time I Die […]

2014: Albums 5 – 2

December 30, 2014


5: Old Man Gloom // The Ape of God Part of me has always wanted to be in a band like Old Man Gloom. An album every now and then, maybe one or two shows a year, just getting together with likeminded people and doing whatever it is you want to do musically. ‘The Ape […]

2014: Albums 10 – 6

December 19, 2014


Lists! Lists! Lists! Here’s a list of albums that I really really liked, but not as much as five other albums. In an actual order as well, excellent. 10: Mono // The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness If you don’t know what Mono do by now, you never will know. It’s going to be quiet, it’s going to […]

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2014: Other Albums

December 11, 2014


End of year lists are quite like crack to me. As a child I was a list-maker to the point of obsession, lists of cricket players, dinosaurs, crisps, god knows what else. Music became more and more important in my begrudging existing as my teenage years built in number, but there was no let up […]

2014: Ten Songs

December 5, 2014


I refrained from these year in review lists last year for some reason, I can’t quite remember why. Either way, I shan’t make the same mistake this year, so here we are to begin. There were a load of really wonderful songs released this year, spanning the genres and tickling different udders within all of […]


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