The John Bills 100: 77

Posted on February 16, 2011


77: Faraquet – ‘The View from this Tower’

The opening song of this album is cool. Really cool. It’s called ‘Cut Self Not’, and I’d suggest you go out and find it. In fact, I’m going to post it on facebook. Yes, I am. Its a proper gem of an album opener, showcasing everything that was brilliant about Faraquet right from the off. It goes through about 6272 different time changes in the first minute, and is constantly catchy and poppy throughout that. Its just so clever. Thats the only way to describe this band. Clever. Its like listening to a jazz band who have listened to an american indie record and said ‘Hah, you guys suck. This is how you play that sort of music’, and as soon as they started playing they remembered they were a jazz band. This is technically brilliant pop music. And they were a 3 piece. Seriously. There are so many points of this album that just blow you away from that perspective, and its a delightfully crafted record as such. ‘Carefully Planned’ and ‘The Fourth Introduction’ carry on from the brilliant opening bar set by ‘Cut Self Not’, maintaining the same catchy but clever guitar led wonderment, and a bizarrely pleasant voice.  If you like pop music played by people far cleverer than you or I, go find this record. Stunning.

Download: ‘Cut Self Not’, ‘Conceptual Seperation of Self’.

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