The John Bills 100: 71

Posted on February 28, 2011


71: A Perfect Circle – ‘Mer De Noms’.

Deciding between their two albums was difficult, very difficult, and I know for a fact that Ashley Morton will probably disagree with my choice, but after extensive listens I can’t look past this record. ‘Thirteenth Step’ might have ‘Pet’ and ‘The Noose’, but this album is just way more consistent throughout. ‘The Hollow’ is a fine little opener, showing why everyone, myself included, bums Maynard James Keenan so hard, and doing a heck of a lot more than a less than 3 minute song should do. A Perfect Circle get lambasted as ‘tool-lite’ quite a lot, and to be fair you can see why at times, but that does not detract from the songs whatsoever. ‘Judith’ is as good a heavy rock song as you could wish to hear, ‘Thinking of You’ and ‘Rose’ are all rhythm heavy bass wonderment, and songs like ‘Orestes’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ show exactly how good so called supergroups can be. And all of this without mentioning the albums shining glory, the centrepiece, ‘3 Libras’. For a VERY long time, ‘3 Libras’ was my favourite song in the world. It would still sit comfortably inside my top 10 (now that is a list). From its subtle string beginnings to its massive the constant pleading of ‘You don’t see me’ at its climax, it is just a stunning song. Its one of those that me and my friends have most likely played to death in the 11 years since it was released, but it still sounds every bit as good today as it did back then. A true classic.

Download: ‘3 Libras’, ‘Judith’.

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