The John Bills 100: 36

Posted on May 3, 2011


36: Glassjaw – ‘Worship and Tribute’

I’ll be honest, when the list was complete, I was a bit surprised that Glassjaw did not feature higher. I’m sure a few people will disagree with this placing, and even more will disagree with the choice of album. Well, on the second of those complaints, ‘Worship and Tribute’ simply has better songs than ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Silence’. From start to finish, this is a wonderfully crafted record, and what it loses in the first albums bile it makes up for in craft and more detail. Songs like ‘Ape Dos Mil’ and ‘Trailer Park Jesus’ might sound like a completely different band to that first record, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t the best songs on this album, and still their best songs to this day. ‘Cosmopolitan Bloodloss’ showed that this band had a perfect heavy pop single in them, and still sounds fantastic to this day. ‘Radio Cambodia’ and ‘Mu Empire’ could both easily fit that same bill. Don’t be fooled either, there is plenty of bile on this album, ‘Stuck Pig’ and ‘Pink Roses’ are both drooling in the stuff, only its much more focused than the first records. On the subject of the placing of this album, I can’t help but feel, with a certain tinge of sadness as it seems ever more unlikely that this band will release another record proper, that they have an absolutely perfect record in them. In all honesty, my favourite collection of Glassjaw songs is the EP that was released online at the beginning of the year with ‘Jesus Glue’ and ‘John Lennon’ on it, and I do think that if they stopped being so bloody stubborn and released a record, it would probably be in the top 5 of the 2016 version of this list. As it is, 36 will have to do.

Download: ‘The Gilette Cavalcade of Sports’, ‘Ape Dos Mil’.

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