Documental 01: Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labor Toy Factories

Posted on June 28, 2011


Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labor Toy Factories

This documentary is a half hour film about the conditions of workers in Chinese toy factories. Now, the conditions that these people find themselves working in is a black eye on the jovial world of childrens toys, everyone knows about it, but no one seems to make a stand. As mentioned in this documentary, its the consumers who refuse to pay the extra cost. Now, this is not to say the owners of Western toy companies who decide on production in the east due to the cheap labor costs are innocent, oh far from it. With only a single exception, they all come across as completely abysmal humans. This is a worldwide problem that can’t be solved by one little thing, but requires a collection of little things all happening at once. These need to be the creation of unions for the workers themselves, more humane conditions provided by their factory owners, more humane deals made regarding the production of the toys by the western toy shops, and more consideration on the behalf of the buyer. This is a subject that everyone knows about, but not many people seem to truly know in detail. The comments in this documentary about the overtime situation in particular were vile, and the fat cats just don’t seem to be able to grasp the link between poor wage and increased need for overtime. It is easy to turn a blind eye to this subject, but something really, truly needs to be done. Think before you buy, please.

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