The John Bills 100: 05

Posted on July 3, 2011


05: Cave In – ‘Jupiter’

For 44 minutes in 2000, Cave In were perfect. From the opening bombast of the title track right through to the apocalyptic ending of ‘New Moon’, this record is nigh on perfect. I first came across Cave In when they were supporting the Foo Fighters on the tour for ‘One by One’. I had only heard a bit of hype for them and was sufficiently intrigued enough to pay attention. And yes, they completely blew me away. To the point of not really paying attention to Foo Fighters. So, I went out, and pretty much ploughed through and bought the entire back catalogue. This record is their masterpiece. It is a big massive space rock wonder, and you can’t go wrong with space rock. Taking some cues from Failure, this is ‘Fantastic Planet’ taken to an entirely new level. Songs like ‘In the Stream of Commerce’ and ‘Innuendo and Out the Other’ are brilliant examples of the term gentle noise. Oh yeah, with massive choruses. ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Brain Candle’ are nothing but pure chunky pop, and my god. Wow. Okay, the lyrics are a bit cheesy at times, but that can be forgotten with the hooks on display in those 2 songs. In the releases before this, Cave In were a hardcore type band, and I guess this shines through a little on songs such as the incredibly titled ‘Big Riff’, but they became so much more with this record. Every band has it in them to make their defining record, I completely believe it. This is this bands moment. You just listen to songs like the aforementioned ‘Big Riff’, ‘Requiem’ and ‘New Moon’ and you either a band who were guessing and hitting gold every time, or a band who realised they were at the absolute height of their powers. It is a freakin’ perfect record. Beautiful.

Download: ‘Big Riff’, ‘Requiem’.

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