Billsboard 13/07/2011

Posted on July 13, 2011


– Coheed and Cambria bassist arrested. The bass player of Coheed and Cambria was arrested the other day in Massachusetts because his  band are utterly shit. The police wanted the frontguy for his stupid double headed guitar, but he couldn’t be found despite having a completely ridiculous hair cut. Oh wait, he was arrested for armed robbery? My bad. No, I don’t know how name. His band are still shit. (

– Hey Julian! The lawyers of wikileaks chap Julian Assange are seemingly taking a new strategy to try and stop Assange being extradited to the US, where he would most likely be hung, drawn and quartered. I am definitely pro-wikileaks, but the fact that all of a sudden Assange is wearing glasses really annoys me, I hate fashion glasses more than anything in the world. More so than Razorlight. Do you people not feel stupid wearing them? I have this disease for the rest of my life unless I get shot in the face by lasers. (

– Seriously?! No way?! Shit! Public support in Serbia for joining the EU is at an all time low of 53%. This is because the EU is dying, and the countries in it have repeatedly shit on Serbia for the last 20 years. Surprisingly, people aren’t clamouring to join up with countries who illegally bombed them 10 years ago. Funny that. (

– Just when you thought you were safe from gonorrhea…Think again. Scientists have found a new super strain of the sexually transmitted virus, that cannot be killed with current prescribed drugs. The world was coming so close to being able to enjoy sex again, those damn scientists just had to ruin it. Someone needs to get the geeks laid. (

– Vagabondish. 8 tips to master the art of traveling lightly. (

That’s all folks!

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