Billsboard 04/09/2011

Posted on September 4, 2011


Prostitute Tax. Bonn, Germany, has taken a novel route to making sure the ladies that work its streets at night are taxed properly. The harlots must now carry a ticket purchased from a parking meter type thing, or they will face a hefty fine. Bonn, much like lots of other German cities, has a big prostitution industry. Now, prostitutes have enough things to worry about, what with all the psychopaths sleeping with them, but tax? Definitely made me think twice about selling my hot ass. (

Space junk, see. A NASA report has stated that the amount of crap in space is reaching critical point, and could potentially jeopardize future space exploration. According to the report, there are around 22,000 large pieces of crap, and 500,000 little pieces of crap. Sort of like the population of (insert small city here). Or the Banking industry? I don’t know. Space crap! (

Football has gone insane. Well, football was always insane, but the transfer deadline malarkey provided its usual ridiculous palava. Some signings however, seem very clever. Bellamy to Liverpool is a good move, I think if he ever gets fit again (which he won’t) Hargreaves will do a good job for City, Parker, Arteta and Meireles all good signings. But the reason I football is insane? Samuel Eto’o ended the speculation over his future by signing for Anzhi Makhachkala, a little Russian club that is massively rich. Its in Dagestan! Thats like what everyone thinks Chechnya is! Crazy. (

Green Day singer kicked off of flight. Billie Joe Armstrong was kicked off a flight the other day because his trousers were sagging too low. Too bloody right! This whole trousers below your arse craze is absolutely stupid, I can’t believe it whenever I see it. It can’t be serious? Anyway, the news report I read mentioned ‘When I Come Around’. Tune! (

Vagabondish. 9 tips to ensure museums and galleries are never boring. (

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