Billsboard: Belgians are Boring

Posted on September 8, 2011


Boring Boring Belgium. An international poll carried out by social networking site Badoo recently found out that Belgians are considered the worlds most boring nationality. Now, I’ve both been there and met many Belgians, and from experience I would disagree. Walter Reynders is a great chap! But I can’t say I’m surprised. Poirot is though. What does surprise me however, is that the US were considered the coolest. 15 years ago I could understand, but not now. Where did the Welsh come? (

PJ Harvey wins Mercury Prize. PJ Harvey won the mercury music prize for a 2nd time the other day for her record ‘Let England Shake’. This was proceeded by a load of people complaining that Adele didn’t win it just because she was too mainstream. Or maybe she didn’t win it because she ain’t that great? I don’t know. Corinne Bailey Rae was a judge though, so it doesn’t carry too much weight. I would have voted for Kong. They weren’t nominated? For shame. (

Russia Today. There are some freakin’ amazing documentaries coming up over the next few days on RT, as they push towards their usual fantastic programming around 9/11 time. They have one called ‘War-ology’ on 9/10/11, as well as a film about plastic in the sea called ‘Mermaids Tears’ on September 11th itself. There is a film about Ratko Mladic on today as well. Best channel on TV, hands down. (

Hockey tragedy. The biggest tragedy to hit Russian sport in recent history happened yesterday, as a plane carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl ice hockey side from its home base in Yaroslav’ to Minsk crashed just after take off, killing the overwhelming majority of the squad, with only one known survivor. The hockey season has been postponed for the time being. Bloody awful (

Crab people, crab people, crab people. Giant crabs are on their way people. They have been found on the edge of Antarctica, probably because of warming in the region. These things are big. They stomp the crud out of all in front of them. You know, like Godzilla. If you see a large crab on the horizon, the only chance you have is to keep black bean sauce near you. And pray. PRAY. (

Bloody Kosovo. In case you were unsure whether or not to recognise Kosovo, here you are. 98% of calls made to the emergency services over the last 18 months have been pranks. Fools. (

Vagabondish. Some pretty markets. (

That’s all folks!

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