My Two Hundred Dinars: The War on Terror.

Posted on September 10, 2011


Tomorrow will be 10 years to the day that two planes were hijacked and flew directly into the World Trade Centre towers in New York. A lot of people in the world have since held this up as the height of evil, monstrosity at its most monstrous. Islam was painted as an evil religion. The US went from this, very abley assisted by the UK and others, and proceeded to start its ‘war on terror’, a war without borders or laws. They invaded Iraq and waged a war on a country that had nothing to do with the WTC planes. They invaded Afghanistan and recently Libya. Barely a month goes past without someone in the media talking about this ongoing ‘war’, about how there is more to do. Saddam was killed, Bin Laden took his place, Bin Laden was killed, Gaddafi took his place. When Gaddafi is killed, someone will take his place as the international bogeyman. Tony Blair himself was on the front of newspapers yesterday stating that the ‘war’ is far from over, that there is more evil to root out. The ‘war on terror’ will be used to invade more countries, just as ‘humanitarian intervention’ has been used as an excuse to bomb countries into the stone age for attempting to take a different economic path to the US prescribed free market capitalist fun party.

What happened in New York 10 years was a terrible terrible thing. A lot of innocent people died that day in a undoubtadly vile act. The effect it has on ordinary people it still felt today. This can’t be questioned. Before you get caught up in the ‘war on terror’ bull honky of the West riding in on horses to save the oppressed little people of the world who live in fear of evil tyrants, here’s a little list of US military interventions since World War 2. This is not a complete list, by any means, but you can find that here( Please watch the video above, and read into these things. Happy birthday Nadine Kendrick.

Greece 1947-9 – Assisted extreme right in civil war
Philipines 1948-54 – CIA directs war against Huk rebellion.
Iran 1953 – CIA overthrows democracy.
Guatemala 1954 – Command operation, bombing.
Vietnam 1960-75 – 1-2 million killed in longest US war.
Cuba 1961 – Failed CIA-directed invasion.
Indonesia 1965 – 1 million killed in CIA-assisted coup.
Cambodia 1969-75 – Up to 2 million killed, bombing and starvation.
Laos 1971-73 – Bombing, carpet bombing in the countryside.
Chile 1973 – CIA-backed coup ousts democratically elected president.
Angola 1976-92 – CIA assst the rebels throughout civil war.
Nicaragua 1981-90 – Command operation, CIA directs exile invasions.
Lebanon 1982-4 – Bombing.
Grenada 1983-4 – Bombing and invasion.
Panama 1989-90 – Bombing, government ousted.
Iraq 1990-? – Destruction of this country.
Somalia 1992-4 – Occupation during civil war.
Bosnia 1993-5 – Bombing.
Haiti 1994-6 – Restoration of President 3 years after coup.
Zaire 1996-7 – Marines.
Yugoslavia 1999 – Led illegal NATO bombing.
Afghanistan 2001-? – Destruction of country.

I could go on. Add to this the millions killed yearly due to the international financial system, and many other US-backed oppressive regimes worldwide.

Be good.