WWE Night of Champions Preview and Predictions.

Posted on September 18, 2011


WWE Night of Champions 2011

It’s Night of Champions time, the night where every match is for a title, no matter how little prestige that belt may have. It’s a sign of how little titles have come to mean in the WWE, when its a special night that they are all on the line. But, that is how it is, so we must roll with it. There are some interesting stories coming into this PPV, and the companys recent monthly output has been good, so can Night of Champions continue this?

Anyway, instead of me just rambling about it and getting bored by the end I decided to do something a bit different this time. I’ve roped in a couple of folk to predict alongside, and hopefully they’ll contribute every month. First of these is Nate Linehan, a young chap from t’states who I’ve conversed with frequently via the interweb about all things wrestling. He’s got a quality knowledge of the business whilst not carrying the usual ‘holier than thou’ mentality of the modern day internet wrestling fan. You can follow him on twitter with the @NateLinehan. The third man in all of this is the erstwhile Ben Rogers, former flatmate and general wizard of the north. A man who bore the brunt of my Helena ramblings. He knows nothing about wrestling, nothing at all. I don’t know if he’s on twitter, but he’s definitely on facebook (Bem Button) and he’s definitely living in Scotland. He’s for winners like.

The point of this, is to see if what happens every Wrestlemania is just alcohol fuelled, or true. Can you predict the results of these matches closer if you have no idea whats going on? If you follow the product, do you overthink everything? We shall see.

So, here goes.

Triple H vs. CM Punk – No DQ – (If HHH loses, he is no longer COO)
I can’t see Trips being removed as an on air authority figure so soon after becoming one. The sudden removal of Kevin Nash from the entire situation puts forward more questions as well, and I can see all sorts of tomfoolery here, especially with the no DQ stipulation. I’m going with all sorts of overbooked interference, with Triple H coming out on top, with more push towards a heel turn to boot.

Nate: I see H winning this match to continue the feud. I expect interference from Nash and a heel turn from Trips. We don’t often see a babyface boss vs. a babyface anti-authority figure so this seems obvious. Shenanigans expected.

Ben: In the match of CM Punk Vs Triple H I chose the man who mimics his chest muscles in his scowling face, because anyone able to copy parts of their body is only a breath away from cloning.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena – WWE Championship
Christ I’m tired of the way WWE books first time heel champions. Del Rio has gotten off better than most, but Cena has made him look like a fool recently, which does nothing for either guy. Boringly go for Cena to defeat the odds, Del Rio, Rodriguez and global warming.

Nate: I would normally think Cena would win, but with WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico, I see Del Rio retaining. Then again, this would be the third straight loss for Cena. If Super Cena doesn’t win, I expect interference from Ricardo or even The Rock.

Ben: In the match of Albert del Rio Vs John Cena I chose the man with the belt as he already has the face of a well seasoned/ pummelled fighter. I’m sure he can do it again. Also his opponent’s hat and decorative necklace are liabilities

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry – World Heavyweight Championship
Thats right Ladies and Gents, Mark Henry is relevant. Not only that, but he is relevant and awesome. So, for that reason and that reason only, I’m going to go balls in Shelton Benjaming style pick and go for Mark Henry to get his first run with a world title. No, the WWECW one doesn’t count.

Nate: I really hope they do the right thing and put the belt on Henry. He is on fire lately and has been presented as unstoppable. This would tie up the WHC for the next few PPVs. The only downfall is where this might leave Christian and Sheamus.

Ben:   In the match of Randy Orton Vs Mark Henry I chose the black dude. Spandex vest tops confer extra powers and better put-downs. Also the other guy looks too much like david beckham and we all know this would upset Victoria if he pursued a wrestling careers further.

Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) vs. Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) – WWE Tag Team Championship
Don’t see Air Boom losing the belts so quickly. Bourne with a shooting star press on Truth, conspiracy continues leading to Awesome Truth getting involved in the Punk/HHH match. Air Boom over.

Nate: Awesome Truth will win this one. They are two former main eventers and they are both excellent on the mic. A rematch will be expected and also hopefully a resurgance of the tag division.

Ben:  In the match of Air Boom Vs The Miz & R-Truth I believe them all to be attending the singles night at the Pink Flamingo. But before this, I believe the guys with the belts to win, as they are more comfortable hugging. The other team seem to have sore wrists and again decorative necklaces.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison vs. Alex Riley – WWE United States Championship
My immediate thoughts for this was that Swagger would win. Then I thought they’d move the Ziggler/Swagger/Vickie thing on without the belt, and put in on JoMo for him to have something to do. Now I’m swinging towards a Ziggler retain. Why? I don’t know, a hunch. Ziggler to pin Swagger for the win, Swagger face turn on the way.

Nate: This one is difficult to call. Knowing WWE they will put the belt on Riley and use the match as a showcase to further the Dolph/Swagger/Vickie angle.

Ben:  In the Four way match I believe the man in the blue leotard (John: Swagger) to win as he has the most natural proportions and a non-upsetting neck. While everyone looks quite ready to win or in the case of the title holder, rape, I would like to give Dolp Ziggler the consolidation prize of best name of show.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix – WWE Divas Championship
John: Beth Phoenix
in 4 minutes. Any other result and the whole Divas of Doom thing is a failure. Beth wins, we get Kelly chasing the belt, which is much more entertaining in this sort of story. Maybe more than 4 minutes, but a clean win nonetheless for Phoenix.

Nate: I really hope Beth wins this one. Either way, Kelly is their top girl, no matter what. (Until Kharma returns…). Tough to call. I say Beth wins.

Ben: In the match of Kelly Kelly Vs Beth Phoenix I chose the older more Madonna-arms looking one. As she is not the title holder I believe she is totally going to wipe the floor with the younger one who has cunningly concealed her weak arms behind her ample hair. Hair and breasts

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase – WWE Intercontinental Championship
Well, they’ve certainly rushed into this. A straight 1 on 1 between these two should have been held off, and you could have easily avoided it by mirroring the US title match and made this a 4 way with any 2 from Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Sin Cara and Big Zeke. I’m going for Cody to win, but not clean. The feud continues.

Nate: They haven’t built up Ted enough yet lately. Cody beat Orton on RAW. Cody wins. Feud continues.

Ben: In the match of Cody Rhodes Vs Ted Dibiase I chose the man in the suit. Not because of the terror inducing mask, but mainly the claw. I’m sure good wresters have excellent grip. The claw signifies this well, wrestling prowess or tetnus.

And that’ll do that. More next month. I’m gonna go read Ben’s predictions again, because they are pretty damn funny. Cheers chaps.

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