The John Bills 100…with a different twist.

Posted on September 25, 2011


All the Good Things in this World

This is very premature to be writing about this I suppose, but hey, I get overexcited. I have been planning this for a while, and we’ve started. Over the last 7 years (going back to my last year of high school, through college, university and traveling), I have written a lot of songs. Most of them bad, some of them good. Being a fan of organization and things being in a proper order, these were almost inevitably written as part of a collection. Over 7 years I have managed to wangle these down to collections of 10 songs, and I have 10 of them. 10 albums if you will, but I understand if you won’t. I’m a punk rock man though, you know. Seriously, I am. So I’m not going to ask anyone to pay to hear these songs, oh no. They will all be put online for free. Yes, free.

But they all need to be recorded first, and thats where my great friend Ashley Morton comes in. Ashley Morton, for anyone who wasn’t already aware, is the greatest man who ever lived. He has been helping me with all of these since I met him pretty much, and he’s also helmed production duties for all of this, in the erstwhile Bedlam Studio. It is going to be a long process, 100 tracks is a lot after all, but we’ve made a start and have got some work down already. In fact, we’ve already got a whole demo done! So thats what this is, a sort of taster for what will begin early 2012. This song is called ‘All the Good Things in this World’, and features Ash singing, which you will get used to. It is by no means representitive of the 100 songs, being as it is an acoustic song, and most of the tunes are based around chuggedy chug half time. But its nice nonetheless. It has lyrics about my sister, pretty much. End of that.

So once they are done, starting in the new year hopefully, I will be posting these songs on the soundcloud page ( I’ll be posting them one song a day, and they will be posted in alphabetical order, from 1 through to erm, Y. Each song will have its own special artwork, and there will also be artwork for the 10 collections. When each song is posted, it’ll be posted with the lyrics, a little story behind the song, and also its placing in the collections, much like a jigsaw. For example, ‘All the Good Things in this World’ would be on a collection called ‘Days and Nights of Love and War’, and is track 07. You can fill in gaps as you go every day.

So yes, that is all. I hope you enjoy, Ash did all of the work on the song, I did all of the writing.


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