Stalking Horse – Brudenell Social Club – 05/10/2011

Posted on October 8, 2011


05/10/2011 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Stalking Horse, Then Thickens, I Concur.

Another unplanned evening of live music at the Brudenell. I got home from work, all set for a nice quiet evening in, before checking out the Then Thickens site. Low and behold, a Leeds gig, that very night! Fantastic. Add to that a new band made out of peoples from Grammatics and This Et Al, and you’ve a winner. So I trekked down to the Brudenell with housemates in tow, and arrived in time for I Concur to begin the evening. My housemate Sergio loved them, I liked them. There’s a big difference. They were decent, creating quite big soundscapes around classic pop rock songs, and there was a genuine honesty about them. The songs did begin to blend into each other however, and there was a very obvious lack of vocal melody variety. Still, decent.

Then Thickens were on next, and oh how refreshing it was to hear songs again. As I’ve mentioned a few times on the reviews on this blog, there is a sort of wave of bands who are completely focused on being ‘impressive’. And for all the musical ability I’ve seen, there seems to be a complete lack of ‘song’. And by song, I mean verses and choruses and hooks. Yes thats right, hooks. Then Thickens have them in abundance. From beginning to end, this was a display of songwriting that was both refreshing and exciting, and songs like ‘Ellie, Rebecca’ and ‘Death Cap’ in particular are the songs you sing the next morning. Top notch.

Stalking Horse closed the night out and I’ll be honest, they were disappointing. For all the qualities on the plate, what was coming out of the speakers was all a bit well, dull. The band themselves even seemed a bit disinterested in what they were doing. Its quite hard to believe that its the same Owen who was a firecracker at the front for Colour of Fire. I would guess, and would say from listening to recordings, that they are pretty darn good on record, but live they were dull. A shame.

And that was that.

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