Young Legionnaire – Manchester Ruby Lounge – 06/10/2011

Posted on October 12, 2011


06/10/2011 – Ruby Lounge, Manchester – Young Legionnaire

Throughout the scattered reviews I have done on this god forsaken site, I have often mentioned that bands lacked balls. By balls, I don’t just mean that low chunky sound, the sort of thing that makes your senses do a double take after a brief pummelling, although that does count. There are many different variations on musical balls. Manatees had balls, because when the set ended you had to regain your bearings. Harrys Gym had balls, through the sheer rhythmic poppy wonder. Heck, Shoes and Socks Off has balls, in his ability to weave melancholic pop from the quietest places.

Young Legionnaire have balls, and these balls are firmly sat in the former description. Starting with the usual opener ‘Twin Victory’, they proceed to plow through a set full of hard ballsy chunk, with all manner of line and hook to assure that the criminally sparse crowd are gripped from start to finish. The free rum that the band pass around might also have something to do with that. ‘Twin Victory’ is an absolute blinder of a set opener as well, setting out everything that Young Legionnaire do well in 3 and a half minutes. Just a couple of songs in however and new material is played, in the shape of the brilliantly titled ‘Killdozer’. Basically, imagine what you think a song called ‘Killdozer’ would sound like, and you’re there. Heavy as feck. Ballsy.

Now, I don’t remember the exact order, but the middle of the set was just bang bang bang, massive rock song after massive rock song. Songs like ‘Colossus’, where Paul Mullen’s vocals just shines through wave upon wave of guitar, or set standout ‘Black Lions’, which has a made for crowds chorus and a riff that closes it that a lot of bands would sell limbs for. The albums first single ‘Numbers’ sounded equally mighty, and new song ‘Wreckonomics’ managed to staple these balls to an almost Weezer type sound. I’m sure I’ll be wrong on that when a recorded version is out, but hey, thats what I got. ‘Chapter, Verse’ ended things in massive fashion, with a dismantled drum kit and the crowd making their way directly to the merchandise stand.

Now, I am admittedly biased, but one thing is clear to me. Bands like Young Legionnaire are a dying breed in the country, and this is a shame. There is no fashion element, no eyes placed on any scene or any attempt at reaching out to fans of [enter band here]. They are 3 young men who have set out to write songs that they enjoy playing live, and if people like it then great. No over reliance on technology, no obsession with their aesthetic, no bullshit. Just vocals, guitars, drums and balls. Go see this dying breed of band.

In conclusion? Fantastic.

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