Eastern European Cinema Club II: Katyn

Posted on October 17, 2011


Katyn (Poland, 2007).
An extremely controversial film released in 2007, this is based around the Katyn massacre and its effects on people. It also pays great heed to the ‘you did it, no you did it’ accusation slinging between the Soviets and the Germans at the time. There are many key characters in the film, the main two being a young Polish officer who has been taken captive, and his wife. The film is very hard to watch at times due to its gruesome nature, but expecting a film about this subject to be happy go lucky would be like expecting the sun to be quite chilly. The closing scenes in particular are very difficult. Still, if films are going to be this visual, give me this type over the ‘BLOOD! BLOOD! LIMBS! BLOOD!’ crap of Tarantino et al any time. This is visually hard yes, but it happened. A lot of people don’t appreciate the suffering of the Eastern Europeans during World War II. Brilliant film, if a little difficult.

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