The sad and lonely world of a Moldovan Football Manager.

Posted on October 22, 2011


I love Football Manager. I’m not afraid to admit this, although I am a little ashamed of playing it on buses. Either way, I’ve recently downloaded lots of custom league expansions and whatnot, and a lot of obscure leagues that aren’t on the original game. My aim is to win every top division in Europe. My journey has begun.

It got a bit tough towards the end, as I drew a couple of games and Sheriff closed the gap. With 3 games to go, I was 1 point ahead, and a bit worried. Confidence was restored through a couple of big wins, and it all came down to the wire. A thrilling 3-3 draw with Academica gave me the impression that all was lost, but Sheriff also drew with the spectacularly named Dinamo Bender, so the Moldovan League is mine. In this particular game I have loaded the Albanian, Bosnian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Russian leagues as well, so I’ll move on to one of those next. YES.

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