Envy – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 25/10/2011

Posted on October 26, 2011


25/10/2011 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Envy, False Flags.

What a mouth watering evening! After having a great weekend down in London recording, I spent 4 hours on a bus in front of a screaming child, then managed to get on a bus back to Burley that also featured a screaming child, and had just enough time for a shower before heading straight to the Brudenell to see Japanese noise-mongers Envy. Envy are a band that I’ve listened to for years, a band that featured pretty high on my ‘to see’ list (just below Cult of Luna), so I was pretty darn excited about this. They band have evolved through every release, from chaotic hardcore beginnings to the humongous soundscapes they produce now. Not every Envy fan has enjoyed the evolution. What they would play would prove interesting. A set of newer stuff to please themselves, or would it be sprinkled with enough old stuff to please older fans?

First off however, there was the matter of False Flags, providing top local support. Coming across like a Yorkshire version of early Will Haven, this was a tasty way to start the evening. I’m not sure what it was called, but their opening song was everything a hardcore bands set opener should be, and the intensity didn’t let up throughout. I’ll definitely be revisiting them soon.

As good as False Flags were however, this night was only really ever going to be about one band. As the five members of Envy take the stage, the chitter chatter of the crowd dies down as the first of many atmospheric build ups would begin. Despite the more prominent positioning of the quiet moments in the new stuff, when it all breaks down and kicks off, Envy have lost not a single ounce of their intensity. Still, the set really takes off with ‘Lies, and Release from Silence’ from ‘All the Footprints…’, which absolutely soars. It also shows that the ‘new’ Envy isn’t a million miles from ‘old’ Envy, much in the same way that people bemoan the poppyness of newer Biffy Clyro. ‘Left Hand’ maybe shows the differences however, and it is the moment when you realise you are watching a very special band indeed. Absolute emotional fury. Stunning. ‘Scene’ is a personal highlight, and it is genuinely difficult to describe the song with just standard vocabulary, as you tend to just end up making sex noises. Incredible. The set proper ends with ‘Go Mad and Mark’, a massive highlight from ‘A Dead Sinking Story’, and the band leave before being predictably implored back for the encore. If you are in a band who are in a position to play encores, my advice would be to play ‘Farewell to Words’, because this was perfect positioning. The song the crowd wanted, the wonderful climax to an evening of, and this is a word that is thrown about way too freely these days, special music.

Envy are a special band, and this was a special evening of wonderful music.

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