The sad, lonely world of a Moldovan/Bosnian Football Manager.

Posted on October 27, 2011


Continued success! Well, this was something of a unique year in bizarro Football Manager world. First, the pretty standard. I shepherded Dacia Chisinau to a second straight Moldovan title win, despite losing most of my best players to send division Russian sides. Igor Bugaev was my main signing, and he was immense. A tight run, going down to the last day again, and you do have to feel a bit for Sheriff, who went through the season unbeaten in the league, only to finish second. I also won the cup, beating Milsami 3-1 after extra time.

Now for bizarro world. After disposing of the champions of Kazakhstan in the first qualifying round of the Champions League, I was drawn against Celtic in the next. I thought this would be a pleasant experience, and maybe bring in some cold hard cash for the club. My players thought otherwise however, and a thrilling 4-3 aggregate win was mine! Awesome! Zeljeznicar from Sarajevo stood between me and the champions league group stages, and another 2 legged thriller was won 5-4. To the groups I go!

The dream most definitely ended there. I awaited the draw with anticipation, barely focusing on the league games that flew past, until it came. What big teams would be coming to the Zimbru? Who would it be?! The draw was monumental, pitting my Moldovan legends against Lyon, Fenerbahce, and Bayern Munich. I had no thought of winning the group, but maybe a scalp would be possible?

Played 6, lost 6, scored 2, conceded 42.

That’s all I need to say about the champions league group stages I would think. Things would get interesting however, as through the season the job at Zeljeznicar came available. I was offered the job, and accepted on the condition that I could move once the Moldovan league was over. So I won the Moldovan league and left for Bosnia, with 6 games still to go in their season. What could this mean?

Why of course! 2 league titles in 1 season! Unheard of! Now I’m not chalking this down as any success of mine, but still, the Bosnian league is on the list. Now the aim is to win it again next year, maybe take Zeljeznicar in to a less depressing champions league group, and then move to the Russian league. Anzhi are struggling in the 2nd division now, maybe I could revive their fortune (ba doom tish).

Anyway, its time for pre-season!

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