Wrestling is awesome I: Busaiku knee kick.

Posted on November 6, 2011


First of all, as with everything I have ever done, this idea is stolen from a wrestling blog I have seen on the interwebs, ran by a guy called Thomas Holzerman. He runs an awesome wrestling blog, you can read it here – wallsofjericoholic.blogspot.com. The idea is that although wrestling is ridiculous, some of the moves that are done are actually very clever, unique, interesting, fascinating, and just downright awesome. So, replacing the ‘its okay to be a wrestling fan’ will be ‘wrestling is awesome’, and every now and then I’ll post a move that is pretty darn good.

The first of these is KENTA’s running busaiku knee kick, which is like a sort of jumping knee strike with the other leg extended. It looks bloomin’ viscious. I’m not keen on the no selling at the beginning of the video, but the knee strike is awesome. Enjoy.

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