Wrestling is Awesome II: Muscle Buster

Posted on November 14, 2011


Okay, so I’m a bit biased towards Joe. Yeah, he’s out of shape, but it is very refreshing to have a top level guy who doesn’t look completely jacked. He looks like a large guy off the street, but he is completely bad ass. I  hate the term bad ass, but it’s definitely used correctly for Joe. The muscle buster is his impact finisher, and it is pretty accurately summed up by its name. It’s sort of a package driver type move, which ties everything up and almost squeezes on impact. The fact that it is put together from a start of the opponent being in a seated positon on the top rope means it can be done to almost any one, as seen in the little side videos on the side on you tube with regards to Matt Morgan. In the video shown here, Joe performs the move on the Amazing Red, who sells it like an absolute champion.

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