The Best Music Video of 2011.

Posted on December 14, 2011


Red Fang/Wires

Truth be told, I haven’t seen a great deal of music videos this year. Restricted as it is to seeing them mainly on the internet, and not having a computer for at least 7 months of the year, didn’t really leave me much scope for this particular end of year choice. Saying that, I think I could have spent pretty much the entire year watching nothing but music videos, and this would have still come out as the best of the bunch. From their brilliant second album ‘Murder the Mountains’ (more on that next week), this is Red Fang with the lead single ‘Wires’. Red Fang made their name on the back of the video for the first single from their debut album, the much loved (and much drank to) song ‘Prehistoric Dog’, which pretty much set them up as a band of unique wit and joy. (Big thanks there to Eric Wiedemann, the Wideman, for introducing me to this band back in Mostar in 2009). So how do they top that romp? Well, with this take on the old classic music video budget. Remember the video for ‘Rock Show’ by Blink 182? You know, where they had a cheque or what, 8 trillion dollars, and they wasted it on shaving homless men and skateboarding? I have thought long and hard about what I would do in such a position. Red Fang have answered the question. An absolute joy from start to finish, with an absolutely blinding song to boot that peaks at exactly the right time, and you have a runaway best video of 2011.

Call of the fang anyone?