Thursday Thive: My Guilty Pleasure.

Posted on January 27, 2012


Sorry this is late. End.

We all have a guilty pleasure, a band or artist that we know are probably rubbish, we know are a bit naff, but we still bloomin’ well love listening to them. You know, like Megadeth. Either way, I developed my guilty pleasure whilst out in Mostar in 2010. I was walking around the city alot listening to my mp3 player on a mass shuffle, and songs by this band kept popping up, and I found myself bloomin well loving them. So here you are, my 5 favourite songs by my guilty pleasure, New Found Glory.

05: ‘Listen To Your Friends’ (Not Without a Fight)

04: ‘Better Off Dead’ (New Found Glory)

03: ‘Coming Home’ (Coming Home)

02: ’47’ (Not Without a Fight)

01: ‘Truck Stop Blues’ (Not Without a Fight)


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