An Update, etc etc…

Posted on February 4, 2012


First off, I apologise prefusely to all 12 people who read this blog on a frequent basis for the lack of content recently. I have been busy, believe it or not, as I went back to Welshpool for the anniversary of my sisters death, as I do every year. I had a good time there, which is pretty rare at this time of year, and that’s pretty much down to a couple of my friends who really went out of their way. So cheers peoples. A lot has changed over the last 6 years, some good, some bad. We’ll leave it at that, but here’s an update on musics.

A little while ago I posted about a 100 song plan that I hoped to do this year. Well, unsurprisingly this has gone out of the window, due to sheer time and point number two that will come up soon. This is not to say the whole thing has been abandoned, oh no indeedy. I’ve condensed it all down into a streamlined beast, an album, the first Harald Math album (Paul Stott! Crikey! I told you!). The album is called ‘Etcetera, Etcetera’, and will be available for download from April 1st on the Harald Math bandcamp site. I’m going to put it as one of those ‘pay what you like’ things, and I fully expect 99% of people to pay £0.00 for it, and thats great, as long as you listen to it even once. It cost barely anything to make, so charging an outright fee for it is just silly. Plus, this is a hobby, not a career plan. Here’s a tracklisting.

‘Etcetera Etcetera’
Existential Mathematics
Georgian Gentleman
Where Foxes Turn Into Peacocks
Part Judas, Part Christ
Day of the Falling Petals
Love Movies
All the Good Things in this World
September 11th 1973
Shipwrecked on the top of the World

There will be a couple of taster release type things before hand, the first of which is ‘Existential Mathematics’ and will be available once artwork is done. All of the art for this is being done by the wonderful Lisa Thompson, who I met when she brazenly wrote her number on my arm whilst I was serving her in CaVa, true story. She is on twitter, follow here at @Wasted_Elegance. Good work petite! The taster releases will come with what I guess you would call B-sides, if we are being pretentious.

So yes, this is exciting, and its brilliant, and Ashley Morton is responsible for it all as always. It is called ‘Etcetera, Etcetera’, it is available from April 1st (Wrestlemania day), and it is fantastic, especially the end of ‘Part Judas, Part Christ’.

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