The Sad Lonely World of a Croatian Football Manager

Posted on February 8, 2012


You may have thought I had forgotten about this little thing, but how wrong you were! I purchased Football Manager 2012 not too long ago, and it is bloomin’ brilliant. I therefore decided to restart my attempt to win all the leagues of Europe, as FM12 has this wonderful career mode thing where you can add leagues as you go along, as opposed to me having to load 50 leagues in a single game. So I loaded a game with the English, Croatian, Czech and Romanian leagues (one big league, 3 small to mid leagues) and started with Osijek in Croatia. We were expected to finish 3rd in the league, which seemed optimistic, as we were horribly bankrupt and were full of Croats with an average age of 24. Little did I know!

Employing an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation, we only bloomin stormed to the title! We were helped by Hajduk having a terrible start and Dinamo blowing very hot and cold towards the end, but it was won when Dinamo came to our ground for the penultimate game of the season and we prevailed with a 2-0 victory. Chuffed! I’m now unsure whether to leave Osijek for the Czech or Romanian leagues, or try to win this league again. I’ll probably leave if a decent job comes up over the summer, as whats the point in retreading steps.

Hajde Osijek!


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