Wrestling is Awesome VI: Hostile Makeover

Posted on March 6, 2012


So Zema Ion and Jesse Sorensen have been in the news for not so pleasant reasons recently, as Sorensen suffered a very severe, life threatening neck injury during his match vs Ion at the last TNA PPV. Luckily, Sorensen is making a recovery, but it was (and in many ways, still is) a worrying time for him and his family. Best wishes there. I’m not sure if this is crass then, but this weeks awesome wrestling move is courtesy of Zema Ion, on Jesse Sorensen. It’s an elevated back suplex into a knee strike, I suppose that’s how to describe it, and as with most knee/face moves, it looks like it would smart. And Ion gets to pose as a result of it, which is a pretty strong move for a cocky heel to have. Lovely.

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