The Sad, Lonely World of a Czech Football Manager

Posted on March 12, 2012


Well, I’ve done it again. You can now tick the Czech League off the list of leagues left to win. Admittedly, I’m a little less thrilled by this one as it was won with Sparta Prague, undoubtedly the Czech Republic’s top side, but they did have a poor year previously and were in a bit of transition. I had a terrible start, finding myself in 11th place and on the verge of the sack pretty early on. After the winter break we were nigh on unstoppable though, with Vaclav Kadlec further proving himself as one of Football Manager’s all time greats. Some unheralded guys had great years as well, such as left back Manuel Pamic and left winger Jan Polodnay. It was very tight, and I was second until the penultimate game of the season, where we defeated Viktoria Plzen and Mlada drew with relegation threatened Sigma Olomouc. That’s right, my favourite town in the northern side of Eastern Europe only went and helped me to the title. Top stuff! So Czech League won, and I quickly resigned, as is the way. Where to next? Well, its a strange choice, but I’ve found myself at West Brom. I don’t expect to win the league in my first year as I have in Moldova, Bosnia, Croatia and Czech Republic, but a couple of years of building should work towards a good job in Germany, France or somewhere similar. Although, you never know. Either way, I’ve put a bid in for Vaclav Kadlec. I’ve also wasted oh so much time on this game.


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