Billsboard 19/03/2012 – Belarus Bombers Bopped.

Posted on March 19, 2012


Minsk Bombers Executed. Over the past couple of days, the two men convicted of carrying out a bomb attack on a Minsk Metro station last April that killed 15 people, were executed. They were shot with a single bullet in the back of the head reportedly, as is law in Belarus. It’s been met with widespread outrage throughout Europe, as there were a lot of doubts in the prosecution process, and many feel that the Lukashenko government has pointed their finger to avoid anyone looking at them. The two men, Uladzislau Kovalyou and Dzmitry Kanavalou, maintained a not guilty plea throughout the case. Not many people are aware of how the country is, and when they talk about repressive isolationist regimes further afield, they are missing one in Europe. Although, that probably means no VISA for me now, which is crap. I want to come visit! I have friends in Minsk! Well, one friend, but still, I have friend! (

Oh God, Not Elections… Boris Tadic has announced that Serbia will host elections on May 6th. He also announced that Kosovo will be included in all of this. That last part is a ploy by Tadic to try and win over some of the nationalist votes, but it does nothing more than continue to cloud what Serbia’s future is. Are they committed to trying to maintain a province that they lost over 10 years ago, or are they committed to joining the Titanic. Sorry, not Titanic, I meant European Union. Either way, the cloudy vision is not good news for the country. I’ll be in Belgrade on May 6th, and I’ll be staying indoors. And by staying indoors, I mean going out and experiencing the thrill of being tear gassed. Bugger. (

Armenia Boycotting Eurovision. Yeah, thats right. Armenia has taken the decision to boycott this years Eurovision Song Contest, which is to be held in Azerbaijan. Relations between the two countries are pretty frosty anyhow due to the unresolved conflict over the breakaway Azerbaijani region of Nagorno-Karabakh, and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev made things a bit worse when he recently proclaimed that ‘the Armenians of the world’ are the nations main enemy. You see, Eurovision isn’t just key changes and sparkles, this is serious shit. The final is held on May 26th, I’ll be watching it in Mostar, heck, maybe you’ll see us on those funny bits  where they show a family in the country with a flag going batshit insane. (

San Marino isn’t a country, I refuse to accept it. You know, this could very easily be a Eurovision special. The song that San Marino put forward to the competition has been found to be in breach of the rules. The song, entitled ‘Facebook, Uh, Oh, Oh’, caused the organisers to worry about potential copyright lawsuits. Seriously. It’s only San Marino, it’s not as if they’ll even get to the semi finals. They’ll turn up, claim to be from San Marino, and get turned away and possibly ridiculed for not taking this competition seriously. Hopefully by the Austrian entry, Trackshittaz. That’s not a joke. (


That’s all folks!