The A to Z of Great British Rock: E is for Engerica

Posted on March 27, 2012


E is for Engerica
Engerica, in many ways, are almost the forgotten greats of the great British rock scene of 7/8 years ago. They seemed to be the perennial support band that would push bands as accomplished as Reuben to their limit, and blow lesser bands like The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster right off the stage. Jamie Lenman commented once that out of all of those bands, he thought Engerica would be the ones to blow up. They had the right songs, the horror movie esque streak and a damn fine live show. Sadly, they broke up before any of that could happen, but songs like ‘The Smell’ and ‘It was a Goddamn Suicide’ sound like they were made for radio. Listening to this band always takes me back to those years, in particular one gig where they supported Reuben in Birmingham, and pretty much knocked Benji head over heels in love. Great, undervalued band. Much missed.

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