The A-Z to Great British Rock: F is for Future of the Left

Posted on April 13, 2012


F is for Future of the Left

There aren’t many better bands in the country, let it be said. Future of the Left formed out of the ashes of Mclusky many moons ago, and took what they did and made it even more awesome, for want of a better phrase. The same biting, sarcastic, bitter rock music, only more streamlined, harsher and even more intense. What makes Future of the Left great (and they are great, make no mistake about that) is the sheer brutal consistency of their entire back catalogue. Songs like ‘Chin Music’, ‘Small Bones, Small Bodies’ and ‘Drink Nike’, these are top quality songs that aren’t even in the upper echelons of this bands best. A lot of bands would pillage to write something with an ounce of the awesome of ‘I am Civil Service’, heck, many bands have indeed pillaged in the process. But then the same bands can’t, won’t ever write songs that even touch Future of the Left’s best. ‘adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood’ (which opens with the very definition of thrust), ‘The Lord Hates a Coward’, ‘Plague of Onces’, ‘The Hope That House Built’ and ‘Arming Eritrea’ are just brilliant brilliant rock songs. The massive ballsy cake is topped off with ‘You Need Satan More Than He Needs You’, which simply put is one of my favourite songs ever written. Just awesome.

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