Ja sam Edmund Hilary.

Posted on April 19, 2012


I guess this will be pretty short, as I am nursing a mighty hangover. Kenneth and Nathan, the two Kiwis from the train to Stansted, arrived in Beograd yesterday and re staying at the hostel, so we went out for a drink last night. First of all we went to a little bar to watch the Chelsea/Barcelona game, which was far from thrilling. For a side that play such good football, Barcelona are incredibly boring. Juan, the guy from Catalonia, came out as well, so he was a little gutted with the result. He was going to head home, but we convinced him to join us at Globetrotters, to drown his sorrows. We had one drink in Globetrotters, and were all set to go home. Just before leaving at around midnight, I thought I would ask the staff if anywhere was decent in Belgrade on a wednesday night. I obviously haven’t learnt my lesson from Hayley, as when a pretty girl says you should do something, the male generally does it. Katerina, the pretty bar girl, said why not have another drink here before deciding where to go. Why not, if the pretty blonde girl says its a good idea, it must be a good idea.

I got home at 6am. I can’t swear on this blog (not that I really want to), but I will post a link to a video that will explain this. Globetrotters is my favourite bar in the city, and I have the same dilemma that Larry has with his favourite restaurant. Still, it was fun at the time.

So that will do for today. This is abysmally pointless, but what can you do. It’s thursday, which means its sausage day. Volim Rusmir.