What’s that? Tango?

Posted on April 23, 2012


It’s proving difficult to write this blog this evening, as all I really want to talk about it sausages. Oh, the sausages. This past thursday myself, Vesna and Mina took a few of the folk who are staying in the hostel out to Zemun to sample these bad boys, as I’ve spoken about pretty much nothing else ever since. Needless to say, when our 21 sausage bounty arrived, there were more than a few photographs taken. Greasy meat never comes across well on photo, and this is probably no exception, it just needs to be seen to be believed. All 21 were devoured, everyone was in wonder at the joy of the hog, and hugs were exchanged with the people working in a restaurant. Now, of course, it wouldn’t be me without taking something I like and over-egging it completely on a weekly basis complete with comedy name. So after Chicken Ball Fridays came Mild Thursdays, and Mild Thursdays has now been followed (at least for the next few weeks) by KOBASICE ČETVRTKOM U ZEMUNU (sa Katalonskog Žuan). Which basically translates as Sausage Thursdays in Zemun (with Catalan Juan). Every thursday until I leave Beograd, I will be taking a team of travelers to Zemun, accompanied by the Catalan Superman, Juan Ramirez. We’ll go around the town, have a lovely time, see the big Gardoš tower and generally be awesome. Then, once evening sets in, we’ll head to Русмир for more awesome sausage, and live music. I best get up on my Zemun knowledge, I can’t really just say it’s a municipality of Belgrade that used to be the border between the Habsburgs and the Ottomans. I can stretch most things out (hey past relationships!), but even that is a bit too much for me.

So what has happened otherwise? Well, after my deadline day transfer to Chillton 1 I’ve done 3 straight night shifts, and as I’m coming towards the end of the 3rd (it is currently 5.48am, I finish at 8am), I am blinkin’ exhausted. It’s been interesting though, as we’ve had a group of Tango dancers staying here. There has been a Tango festival in Belgrade, and they are some pretty fun people, even if they talk about being drunk on tango and call one guy ‘Maestro’. The highlight though, probably the highlight of my entire stay, was a comment from another backpacker staying here when being shown a youtube example of tango. (Granny Bills, I’m sorry, I’ll put asterix in the swear word, but the quote just isn’t the same without it). The man said…

‘What’s that? Tango? Hmm, looks suspiciously like bulls**t to me’.

I almost proposed. Brilliant.

So I finish in 2 hours, and then I’ve a few days off. What to do with those days off? Well, first I will sleep. Then, I’ll wake up, and I’ll annoy Jovanka for a while, but only sheepishly, as I’m 50% terrified of her and 50% in awe of her. Some people skirt around issues, other people are blunt and call a spade a spade. Jovanka not only calls a spade a spade, but she’ll explain to you why it’s a spade, what makes it a spade and tell you that you just don’t understand spades. Absolutely wonderful. After this I am contemplating taking a 2 day trip south, maybe to Kruševac or Kragujevac, we shall see. Then its КОБАСИЦЕ ЧЕТБРТОМ У ЅЕМУНУ followed by a weekend trip to Austria to see Red Fang with the Wideman. A good week ahead? Of course.

I’ve really enjoyed the cyrillic keyboard today, if you hadn’t noticed.