Blacklisters – BLKLSTRS

Posted on April 25, 2012


Well, what did anyone expect Blacklisters debut album to sound like? If you’ve seen them live, the only worry you could have is that the visceral live show would not translate to a recorded full length, but by the 14th second of opener ‘Clubfoot by Kasabian’ (a note perfect cover, by the way), any fears are left clinging to the bricks with their limbs splayed around the many corners of this abrasive space. This isn’t a record to play to your girlfriends parents, but it is a record that is pretty darn superb. Blacklisters seem to be constantly followed by comparisons to The Jesus Lizard, but the truth is that Yap and co never sounded this alive. Each track here is a viscious joyride, with highlights coming in the shape of ‘Mouthpeace’, ‘Nice Garden’ and recent single ‘Trickf*ck’. Single possibly isn’t the best term, as you aren’t going to see Blacklisters playing on Radio 1’s main stage at whatever ridiculous festival they have these days. The albums ultimate gem however is ‘Swords’, which despite being three and a half minutes of chaotic bile manages to lodge itself in your head all freakin’ day long. I have no idea how this happens, as I couldn’t recite a single word from the track, but good lord that ‘chorus’ rhythm is delightful. The whole album is delightful. Handsomely brutal/Brutally handsome indeed.

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