My Two Hundred Dinars

Posted on July 1, 2012


So stuff has happened in sport and here’s my unnecessary opinion on some of it.

David Beckham not in the Great Britain Olympics Football Squad. 100% the right decision. He hasn’t played at the top level consistency for a while now, and he simply isn’t good enough anymore. I do not subscribe to the wishy washy sentimentality claim, or the even wishier washier argument of how much he did to get the Olympics here. Your work as an ambassador isn’t a selection criteria and it never should be. If Emile Heskey had done the same amount of work, people wouldn’t be clamouring for him in the squad. People have said its not about winning, but take that out of the Olympics and it will become an irrelevant backpatting side show, if it hasn’t become that already. If it’s all about sentimentality, Oscar Pistorius does not have to qualify and why not give Steve Backley one last attempt at the gold medal that he couldn’t quite get in his prime? Whilst sentimentality is part of what makes sport great, it should never, ever, be a selection criteria. The only reason Beckham should be in the squad, is because that facial hair is fantastic.

Tennis, Tennis, Tennis. Wimbledon is here again, and it’s been cracking so far. Rafael Nadal was knocked out the other day by some guy who was obviously channeling his inner Sabrina the Teenage Witch, giving Andy Murray the best chance he’s had yet to reach a Wimbledon final. Roger Federer also came very close to being knocked out, but he managed to battle through mostly using his infectious class and effortless charm. My money? Del Potro. Seriously. I kinda feel like tipping him to win everything, and I think he might be a much better player in my head than he actually is. Either way, Del Potro and his massive first serve!

Bye Bye Euro 2012. So the Euro 2012 final is tonight, and a few goalless draws in the knockouts aside its been a pretty good tournament I think. Spain v Italy is the final I dreaded however, so I’m not hugely looking forward to it, unless Mario Balotelli almost breaks the net again. Which he might. Either way, I feel like its almost inevitable Spain will score early and then keep the ball for the next 75 minutes, meaning they will end with a 1-0 victory and around 95% possession, with Italy covering 14 times more ground than them during the match. I really hate how those stats are only brought up in Spain games. If Spain have to win, I hope its by coming from 1-0 down in the last 10 minutes thanks to 2 goals from Fernando Torres, because playing without a striker is just balls. A 10 man midfield wouldn’t work on Football Manager.

NXTeething Problems. After a very encouraging first episode last week, this weeks NXT was full of way too many squashes for my liking. However, Antonio Cesaro looked like a complete beast, the Ascension/Usos tag was decent, and the vignettes for Bray Wyatt are quite simply my favourite wrestling related thing since Desmond Wolfe called Kurt Angle ‘thumbhead’. Here’s hoping for more of the good next week and less of the boring. Oh, and more Bateman/Curtis please. It’s a big shame Maxine isn’t with the company any more, the backstage stuff with her, Bateman, Curtis and Kaitlyn were some of my favourite things in recent wrestling history.

That’ll do.