Wednesday Sporting Billsboard (brought to you faux newspaper ‘The Sun’).

Posted on August 29, 2012


Here’s what ‘The Sun’ has for us today, sports wise.

Insert Wayne Rooney Gash joke here. Now, I’m aware that it was an unpleasant injury, and despite (lets be honest here) underachieving for quite a while now Wayne Rooney is still the darling of domestic football. But, am I the only person who thinks its a bit strange that a picture of this gash is a bit too much? It’s very graphic, and in this world of super censorship it seems strange that this wound is pasted everywhere I look. Anyway, the story on the back is just a picture of Wozza wearing a t-shirt with a Latin phrase that translates as ‘Courage becomes greater through a wound’. I’ll go with a ‘that’s what he said’ on that one.

Walcott, City, 12m. So Theo Walcott supposedly has turned down a new contract at Arsenal, and Manchester City are poised to buy him. I imagine Piers Morgan is going all sorts of waah waah about this, but lets be honest. Walcott is another who has massively underachieved, and aside from one or two games last year was entirely overshadowed by The Ox. So selling Walcott? It’s actually a good move Arsenal fans. You won’t miss him.

Steven Gerrard, dreamweaver. ‘Steven Gerrard admits he may never fulfill his greatest dream of lifting the Premier League Trophy’. In other news, Gillingham fans are resigned to never playing home games at Ibrox, The Olympics are over and the US is hypcoritically lambasting the human rights of other countries whilst imprisoning more of its citizens than any other country in the world.

More English Cricket Misery. South Africa comprehensively defeated England again yesterday, this time in one day cricket. Whilst England have been a top side for a while now, South Africa have really come into their own as undisputedly the best team in the world. The only problem they truly have is that they have a particularly long tail, but that is only really in comparison to the days of Pollock, Boje, Symcox and Klusener. Hashim Amla played a stunning innings yesterday, and the England top order crumbled to a succession of poor shots. Dean Elgar’s catch to remove Trott was stunning however.

That’s all folks!

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