The A-Z of Great British Rock: H is for…

Posted on September 10, 2012


H is for Hawk Eyes

Did you know they used to be called Chickenhawk? Of course you did, every review mentions it. Anyway, these hard rocking chaps are 2 albums in now, with their second effort ‘Ideas’ being much more streamlined and focused than its occasionally scatty predecessor ‘Modern Bodies’. Still, 2 cracking records, and when these boys are good, they are indeed very good, as shown in the video that sits atop this here paragraph. The song in question is from their ‘Mindhammers’ EP, released at the arse end of last year. This is a band that have genuinely improved with each release, leaving mucho excitemento (as the Spanish say) for whatever comes next. Chuggedy chaps.

H is also for Hold Your Horse Is

Ridiculous name, yes, but absolutely lovely band. Ploughing the same handsome furrow that Reuben ploughed, these are honest rock songs with copius melody and thrustability. There is something very likeable about them, something very genuine. I like that. You could call it ‘earnest’, but that just brings to mind images of Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, and no one needs that. Still, debut album ‘Frimley’ was released recently, and with tunes such as ‘Everything’s So Mundane’, ‘Like Crisps Under Bison’ and the above highlight ‘The Exit’, the lovechild of Reuben and Biffy Clyro can more than make up for the absence of their parents.

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