Numero 8 in the Self Titled 10: Red Fang

Posted on September 12, 2012


8: Red Fang – ‘Red Fang’
If you are a band about to release your debut album, you want the opening of said album to be a bit of a statement of intent. You also intend on releasing a video to coincide with the album, and have chosen the opening track of the album to be the accompanying music for the flick. If you can find me a better opening debut album track/combo than ‘Prehistoric Dog’, the kickstarter of Red Fang’s self titled debut, then I will show you a liar or a prophet. There aren’t many songs released in recent history, nay, in all of history that show and encapsulate just how fun metal music really is. I remember being told countless times how depressing metal is by people who didn’t listen to it, and lord how I wish I had this song to show them back then. It is pure, unadulterated, noisy fun. It makes me, and many other people, want to just get together with friends and have a good time. Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s not to say this is a one track album, oh lordy no. Any band can luck out with one great song and then serve up nothing but duff chowder for the rest of their careers. This album is consistently damn good, with songs like ‘Reverse Thunder’ and ‘Night Destroyer’ keeping the pace quick and the quality high. The guitars are fuzzy, the melodies are sludgy, and its all dosed in a thick sheet of slimy fun. ‘Humans Remain Human Remains’ is an absolute album stealer, a long drawn out sludge beast that, despite its non pace, is impossible to escape. It is followed by perhaps the albums best song, ‘Good to Die’. Opening with the sort of drums that just beg to be played in the air, this is what Queens of the Stone Age would sound like if Nick Oliveri was still there and they still wanted to have fun and well, rock. And then there is ‘Sharks’, a song that is an absolute thriller live.

This is a top record, but probably the funnest band in the world today.

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