Billsboard: Owen Coyle Sacked.

Posted on October 9, 2012


Why so glum?

This morning, Bolton Wanderers made the decision to sack Owen Coyle after 3 seasons at the club. The Lancashire side have struggled so far this season, and currently find themselves in 18th position in the Championship. I didn’t expect them to struggle so far as they have, but after 11 straight seasons in the top flight they really haven’t found their feet in 10 matches so far. The 2-1 loss to Millwall at the weekend was the final straw, and Coyle has paid for it with his job. Personally, I’m a little surprised he has gone, Phil Gartside seemed to have a lot of faith in Coyle, he certainly is passionate and possesses exactly the right attitude required to turn this all around. However, football is a results business, and Bolton have not been getting the results. There is school of thought that claims the Fabrice Muamba situation and his handling gave him a stay of execution, but that’s a particularly crass way of viewing it. The fact is if you aren’t in the Premiership you don’t exist as a football club in England financially or on TV, so for sides like Bolton who almost took it for granted, languishing down the south of the Championship won’t do.

Who will replace him? Time will tell. Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy are the early front runners, but the same names get thrown around for every job at this level. Sammy Lee and Jimmy Phillips take charge for the time being, but I wouldn’t expect either of them to get the nod. Outside bet? Alan Curbishley? We shall see.