Performance Enhancing Drugs in Cycling?!

Posted on October 11, 2012


That’s a nice yellow jumper you have there.

I’ll be honest, I know nothing about cycling as a professional sport. As a hobby, yes, it is superb. I had great times cycling around Brijuni Island and Belgrade just this past year, but as a professional sport, I know nothing. In fact, the only thing I know about it is that cheating is rife. Or at least that is what everyone leads me to believe. Oh, and they get a nice yellow jumper if they win something. I could name about 4 cyclists (and one of them, Bernardo van Muntzfelder, I just made up), and the most famous of them all is Lance Armstrong. Better known for a cameo in ‘Dodgeball’, he also did some cycling back in the day, and won a lot of yellow jumpers for cycling around France, which I also thought was just something children of rich families did. Alas, it was too good to be true, and Mr. Armstrong has been accused and erm, convicted (?) of cheating, and thus had his jumpers removed from him and banned from cycling professionally for life. Now, I have nothing constructive to put forward for this, I admit, except the following. The sporting achievements of a person can not be put in the same bracket as their charity work or personal fights. So if Lance Armstrong did cheat and this is all true, then he is a sham of a sportsman not worthy of a nice yellow jumper. His masses of charity work and battle against cancer do not change this fact, and should have absolutely nothing to do with it. If Salman Butt now fights a heroic battle against cancer and raises a lot of money for cancer research, it would not change the fact that he was found guilty of cheating, thus is a sham of a sportsman. I’ve seen a lot of people bemoaning the fact that a ‘hero’ such as Armstrong has even been subjected to this, because of his charity work. That is ridiculous. If I took performance enhancing drugs to succeed in my dream of being a champion in I don’t know, shot put, but also shaved my head for charity on the side, it doesn’t change the fact that I cheated. The work that Lance Armstrong has done for charity is fantastic, and he has achieved things health wise that I certainly would not have the guts to do, and for that he should be commended. But a sportsman and a man should always be kept separate. Although when writing that sentence I have reminded myself of John Terry, and thought twice about the whole thing.

Of course, if Armstrong is innocent, then please build a statue. If he is guilty, then Armstrong the sportsman is a sham. Tell me, has Bernardo van Muntzfelder ever been found guilty of anything?