Billsboard: Felix Baumgartner becomes ‘Best Austrian in the World’.

Posted on October 15, 2012



Last night, Felix Baumgartner jumped into a capsule joined to a balloon, and went up into the heavens. He kept going up and up, until he reached a staggering 24 miles. He then stood on the edge of the capsule and well, jumped off. 10 minutes later he was on the Earth’s surface in New Mexico (my 2nd favourite Mexico). In doing so, he broke the world record for highest sky dive and also became the first human to intentionally break the sound barrier. He also saw the freakin’ Earth from space, which is far more awesome than anything else. Better known for flinging himself off skyscrapers, Baumgartner started thinking of this jump in 2005, and it’s taken for 7 years for everything to be in place. He was assisted throughout by Joe Kittinger, the retired US army chap whose records he was attempting to smash.

Usually, I would bemoan the needlessness of this, the sort of excessive spending when the world is going through such intense financial issues. But, let’s be honest here. It’s a man jumping from space. This was wonderful.


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