Okay, Football fans, please, calm down. Seriously.

Posted on October 24, 2012


So, football fans continue to do things that remind everyone of how primal and pathetic humanity really is. This past Sunday, Anorthosis Famagusta and Omonia Nicosia were battling it out in what is traditionally a big game in the National League of Cyprus. Now, to some, Cyprus is a sunny little holiday destination you can visit, staying in 4 star hotels as you sit by the pool reading ‘Fifty Shades of Faeces’. To others, it is the sight of an often forgotten bout of ethnic cleansing, during the scuffle between Turkey, Greece and Cyprus there in the 70s. To some, like myself, it is but a league I am yet to win on Football Manager, and it has a nice flag. After reading this news and seeing this video, I may think twice about taking myself there to manage, as the fans are obviously insane. With Turkish God Tugay as my perennial number 2, it would be a potentially volatile situation.

Anyway, back to this. As Ricardo Laborde (of Anorthosis) lay prone on the pitch, getting treatment for an injury, some pathetic excuse for a bag of bones somehow decided it was a wise, and acceptable idea to lob a firecracker towards the prone Colombian. His aim is true, and the firecracker explodes, causing further injuries and all round miffedness. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. So after racist chanting in a number of international games last week, as well as the insistence of Burnley fans to continue to support that team, football fans just get more and more pathetic.