Billsboard: Spaceburgers.

Posted on November 11, 2012


This is incredible. Students are often complete berks (I certainly was a berk, and in many cases still am), but sometimes they come up with moments of absolute glory. Here, 5 friends who study at Harvard have entered the annals of awesome. Do people in Oxford or Cambridge do this sort of thing? I’m sure the answer to that is no. What was it they did? Well, they got a 2 day old hamburger, lacquered it up, attached it to a camera and a helium balloon, and sent it into space. Yes, the first hamburger in space. Unbelievable. The burger got to an incredible altitude of 100,000 feet, before the balloon popped and the piece of meat came hurtling back to the ground. It landed 130 miles away, and believe it or not the burger and camera were still intact. The video is below.




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