The Best Songs of 2012

Posted on December 22, 2012


Ringo Deathstarr – ‘Rip’
Good old My Bloody Valentine love.

Blacklisters – ‘Swords’
The most bizarrely catchy chorus I’ve ever heard.

Hold Your Horse Is – ‘Everything’s So Mundane’
Walking around Sarajevo in the sun listening to this. A great summer.

Fiona Apple -‘Every Single Night’
I love you Fiona Apple. Always.

Hawk Eyes – ‘You Deserve a Medal’
I thought it was a pop cover the first time I saw them play it.

Young Legionnaire – ‘Killdozer’
Utter glory. Sheer, downtuned glory.

Polica – ‘Dark Star’
In 2012 I learnt that dancing is fun.

Shoes and Socks Off – ‘And No One’s Seen Him Since’
Lovely. Will be sorely, sorely missed.

Don Broco – ‘Priorities’
So catchy. Dumb lyrics, but oh so catchy.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Mladic’
It’s called ‘Mladic’, of course its in this list.

Every Time I Die – ‘Partying is Such Great Sorrow’
Lyrically perfect.

Future of the Left – ‘I am the Least of Your Problems’
Disappointing album, this is glorious however.