Saudi Sexism Shop Shitheads.

Posted on January 30, 2013


65% of Saudi Women work in Lingerie or Cosmetic shops.

So, the Saudi Arabian government does it again. They have ordered that walls be built in shops in order to seperate men and women whilst at work. This is a country where women do not have the right to drive, vote, travel of even work without the permission of their husband. How does this sort of thing still exist? Can anyone genuinely answer that question? Wah wah, different cultures, wah wah, different ways of life. Put simply, this is a pretty barbaric society, one that would have all the pressure in the world put on them if it wasn’t for the cosy relationship between the west and the Saudis since the 1970s. The old, ‘we’ll take the goats off your street if you give us huge contracts to do so, but don’t worry about flying planes into our tall buildings because we’ll blame that on someone else’.

There are no words really.

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