The A-Z of Great British Rock: I is for Idlewild

Posted on March 1, 2013


I is for Idlewild

Before they descended into something that sounded a lot like mediocrity, Idlewild were one of the most respected and vital bands doing the rounds of the UK. After 2 spiky punk-tinged albums, they broke the ceiling with 2002’s ‘The Remote Part’, and in particular monster single ‘American English’, which I clearly remember as being simply one of my favourite songs at that time. It was also a slight departure for the band, as up to then they had been wiping faces off with sheer melody and vitriol, and vocals that seemed more poetry than song. Whether it was the buzzsaw type guitars of ‘A Modern Way of Letting Go’, the yelps of ‘When I Argue I See Shapes’ or the sheer wonderful joy of pretty much every single song on ‘100 Broken Windows’, Idlewild are a band to savour.

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