Thursday Thive: Deftones Album Openers

Posted on March 7, 2013


5: My Own Summer (Shove It) – Around the Fur
I don’t think there are many things more iconic, or more representative of Deftones for me than the drum intro to this song. Yeah, pretty trivial I suppose, but for a tom and a snare it is just made iconic in this song. Regardless of where I hear the same drum combination, I 100% expect the snaking riff to follow behind it. This is definitely one of the bands best known songs, and for good reason. Preceeded the Nu Metal glory years, it was angrier than anything that would come after it, and it was ‘Around the Fur’ that set Deftones aside from the other bands of the genre. Oh, and the video has freakin’ sharks in it. Sharks are awesome. An important yard post.

4: Swerve City – Koi No Yokan
The opening song of last years ‘Koi No Yokan’ is an absolute belter. I always enjoy an album that starts with no messing around, no fidgeting, just bing bang bosh here’s your riff. This is completely indicative of this, mega riff followed by Chino doing that thing that China does, moaning in a musical way. Whilst I’m not completely sold on the rest of the album, as far as openers go this was a pretty awesome start.

3: Diamond Eyes – Diamond Eyes
People often refer to ‘Diamond Eyes’ as being a return to form for Deftones. I always found this a little weird, as ‘Saturday Night Wrist’ was by no means a bad album, but there we go. This definitely saw Deftones return to a more balls to the wall style, but with that Deftones flush of grace, and the opening title track was the best example of this. And by gum that riff, that is a juicy beauty of a riff. I absolutely adore the sludge ending. Adore.

2: Feiticeira – White Pony
‘White Pony’ is, by far, my favourite album in the history of albums. ‘Feiticeira’ is the opening track, and also happens to be one of the funnest air drumming songs in history. Everything about this song sets you up for the album ahead, with the kidnap theme and spaced sound very prominent. Besides, the opening lyric is ‘Fuck I’m drunk’, and there is no better opening lyric in the history of music, except for that one Amplifier song, but thats just funny.

1: Hexagram – Deftones
So what could possibly beat the perfect album opener of my favourite album ever? Well, my favourite Deftones song of course. Not only that, but this would sit very comfortably in my 10 favourite songs of all time. I fail to find anything not to love about this song, from the clean guitar tone that opens it out, the dawn-esque euphoria of the verses, the chaotic but tight as chorus, everything. To me, this is what the first step off the ark sounds like, the morning after Dresden. Everything is horrific, everything is brutal, but everything is absolutely beautiful, because it has to be. Thats how good this song is.

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