The A-Z of Great British Rock: J is for Jetplane Landing

Posted on March 8, 2013


J is for Jetplane Landing

I don’t know if there is a band that embodied British independent rock in the early 2000’s as much as Jetplane Landing. Everything was DIY, they were seemingly on tour constantly and spent more time bigging up other bands that themselves. Much like Biffy in their early days, they were a band that every other band loved. The ethics were all there, and they were backed up by some seriously spikey hard rock, especially on their glorious second album ‘Once Like a Spark’. I think me and Barry played that record to death one summer, literally. They were also an important signpost for me personally as well with regards to independent music, as faced with the choice of joining Ben and Andrew in seeing Incubus or going with Barry to the Jetplane show, I eventually chose Jetplane. It was a definite realisation of ‘hold on, this little band playing in a tiny venue shit all over that big band’. Glorious. Oh, and ‘Calculate the Risk’ is simply one of the best songs of that era.

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