Thursday Thive: Biffy Clyro Album Openers

Posted on March 14, 2013


5: ‘Stingin’ Belle’ (Opposites: The Land at the End of our Toes)
To be honest, I’m not huge on this song, and its a bend of the rules slightly as it is the opening track on the second disc of this years ‘Opposites’ double album, but there is no way in hell ‘The Captain’ is going on this list. Ever. Either way, the song that I ‘hilariously’ call ‘Stinky Bell’ is a kick in the face type, with the now-expected anthemic chorus plonked in the middle, as well as those wonderful winding outros that Biffy have seemingly come to perfect. Oh, and the riff is pretty tasty as well, I love me some staccato.

4: ‘Joy. Discovery. Invention’ (Blackened Sky)
It feels kinda dirty having this 4th on the list. This was THE Biffy singalong song back in the day, when me and Eddy saw them about 73 times in 2 weeks this was always the given high spot. Literally everyone in the crowd would be singing along, and Biffy were truly becoming something special. It’s a testament to the quality of the next 3 songs that this is only 4th.

3: ‘Bodies in Flight’ (Vertigo of Bliss)
Speaking of that wonderful time, ‘Vertigo of Bliss’ had just been released and they opened with this song every single time I saw them on that tour. Each time it was just as jarring and wonderful as the last. This was the beginning of mid-life Biffy, cramming more ideas into songs than any band of their ilk had any right to. More staccato.

2: ‘Glitter and Trauma’ (Infinity Land)
There isn’t too much to say about this song other than it is really freakin’ cool. It is massive in the right places, there is plenty  of awkward Biffy and yes, of course the chorus is huge. Plus it always reminds me of Barry telling me the story of buying the album and almost taking it back because of the intro on the album version. Good times.

1: ‘Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies’ (Puzzle)
‘Puzzle’ was the album that catapulted Biffy into stadiums, and from what I remember it was this single that really started the ball rolling. And, without too much argument, this is one of the best songs in their entire back catalogue. It boasts 2 of the best choruses the band have put together, the sort of hooks that bands strive for their entire careers, and here Biffy hit it twice in one song. It sets the tone for the album that follows it, and really is the beginning of the late Biffy period. Talking about this band as if they are dinosaurs is so fun.