The A to Z of Great British Rock: L is for Lower Than Atlantis

Posted on March 22, 2013


L is for Lower Than Atlantis

Well, L is a pretty slow number. I could have gone for Lostprophets, but a few moments early on aside they are actually a terrible band. Love Among the Mannequins were another option, but there just isn’t enough there, not yet. In the end I went with the option that jumped out from the get go, when the idea for the list was conceived, and that is Lower Than Atlantis. No bad thing this is though, as no one does ballsy pop like these boys. Taking the best parts of Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters and taking the ballsy chain from much missed Phema, they ply a poppy rock furrow that is always appreciated by my cute little ears. Songs like ‘(Motor) Way of Life’, ‘High At Five’, ‘Deadliest Catch’ and ‘Normally Strange’ will literally lodge themselves in your lobes for days on end, and that is absolutely no problem whatsoever. Add to this a great work ethic, a genuine love for their fans, some of the most believable honesty since Jetplane Landing and a song like ‘If The World Was to End’, and you’ve got yourselves a fine British band.

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