Wrestling is Awesome XIII: Jake Roberts Promos

Posted on March 25, 2013



When talking about wrestling with serious wrestling fans, the discussion about promos and promo ability will inevitably come up. An ordinary worker can take the focus away from his inability in-ring by excelling on the stick, and a fantastic wrestler can almost be brought down by his inability on the stick. People will always say that ‘so and so’ is main event in ring, but weak promo wise. Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, whoever else, all held back by promo work. Another discussion is inevitably with regards to the greatest promo man of all time. Chris Jericho usually gets a mention, as does The Rock. Some may say CM Punk, others may say Raven. Me? It can only be Jake Roberts. This man understood the psychology of the promo, and to say he excelled in it is a huge understatement. He would sell matches like no other, get the point of a feud across beautifully and use language so eloquent it was almost poetry. His vocal inflections were perfect, and when added to his on the money facial expressions you had promo gold to say the least. Particularly his heel run in 1991, the whole ‘trust me’ thing was gorgeous. A man with his demons yes, but his promo ability was second to none.

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