Documental 09: loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies

Posted on March 27, 2013


‘loudQUIETloud’ is a 2006 documentary film following alternative rock legends Pixies on their 2004 reunion tour, 12 years after the band acrimoniously split up. The influence the band had on subsequent generations is evident from the very beginning, where Kurt Cobain is quoted as saying that in writing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ he was basically trying to rip the Pixies off. The film is a very candid look at the individuals who make up the band, and makes absolutely no bones about the negatives as well as the rare moments of joy. That is without doubt one of the most interesting parts of this film actually, the fact that with the exception of drummer David Lovering, not a single member of the band seems to overly excited or interested in the reunion. They have all developed lives and hobbies and interests outside of the Pixies in the time since disbanding. It is refreshingly real.

Lovering comes across as wildly annoying throughout, but the difficult situation he finds himself in with family health during the time can come to explain that. My natural disdain of magicians doesn’t help either. Kim Deal also looks pretty darn bad, a far cry from the icon who melted many a boys heart back in the day. Years of substance abuse has left her a struggle, but its good to see her on the straight and narrow throughout. One particularly strange scene is the post show idolatry bestowed upon her by squealing young ladies. Kim handles it fantastically, but what us mortals perceive in our favourite artists is often a million miles from what the truth is. Contrastingly, Joey Santiago and Charles ‘Black Francis’ Thompson both come across self assured, at ease and confident, something that could possibly be linked to their stable situations family wise and impending fatherhood.

As mentioned, the documentary focuses on the reunion tour, tickets for which sold out in a matter of minutes. It also involved the quicket selling run in the history of Brixton Academy. Not half bad. As most bands will tell you however, touring is pretty damn boring most of the time, and the honesty of this documentary will also be its downfall with the average viewer. This film shows the boredom in full flow, the real aspect of being on tour and none of the perception some people have, that of constant partying, drugs and saucy ladies of the night. This is a film about growing up, getting on with life, and dealing with the real fact that we aren’t 22 forever. Thank god.

If you aren’t already a fan or have a little knowledge about Pixies as a band, this documentary won’t interest you too much. However, for anyone who loves the band or loves insights into the real world of touring, this is a lovely little film.

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